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A Message From the Grower 

Hello, Jamey Vogel here! This page is designed to give you in-depth information about our crop and orchard production. You can access our Youtube channel, get a closer look at the current crop, and get educated about peaches on this page. Check it out and become an expert!



We added the sign above last season to remind that we are farmers first, not distributors, and the message rings true this 2023 season.  As we continue the usual peak-season, peach harvest quantities are still small. We will not be harvesting the supply of peaches needed to support our customer base. 
With this in mind, we wish to reiterate that all peaches available at our retail market are grown in our orchards. We do not "source" peaches, and their availability will be completely based upon the day's picking. We will not be taking orders but will have all small boxes available on a first-come-first-served basis. 
Additionally, we are not harvesting the quantity needed to sustain wholesale business; therefore, any advertising for Fredericksburg, Stonewall, or Hill Country peaches seen outside the area is likely false.  All Hill Country and Texas growers are in the same situation for the remainder of this season.
We appreciate your understanding and encourage prayers for a cold, wet winter, and a large 2024 peach crop! 

Sincerely, Jamey Vogel, grower


Youtube Channel 

We started a youtube channel earlier this year. There are several educational videos that we encourage our customers to watch. 

Click the link below to access our channel and become a subscriber!

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