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History of Vogel Orchard 

George and Nelda Vogel married in 1951 and planted their first orchard in 1953 on fertile sandy soil just south of their home.  Until 1972, the peaches were sold at the Vogel house, pick-your-your-own, or wholesale to larger markets.  In 1972, they opened their current retail location near where George's father, Armand, used to sell eggs under a shade tree. Armand also had a few peach trees, taking the Vogel "peach lineage" back to the early 1900's.


The Vogel children, Carolyn, Donald, Denise, Jacque, and Jamey, all grew up helping with the business.  In 1997, George contracted a very serious illness, from which he recovered, but not before he and Nelda realized that they must slow down. Jamey, his wife Terri, and their children Joshua and Baylie, jumped at the chance and moved back home in May of 1998 to take over the family farm. George passed away in March of 2019, but Nelda is still involved in operations.


Vogel Orchard continues to offer many of the same items that it has for many years, including peaches, homemade cobblers, tomatoes, plums, blackberries, watermelons, cantaloupes,and other assorted fresh vegetables.  We also offer the favored, homemade Nelda's Peach Preserves, Peach Butter, Peach Butter Chipotle Sauce, Blackberry Jelly, Plum Jelly, Pear Preserves, Fig Preserves and more.  Vogel Orchard is also open long weekends in the fall with a real pick-your-own pumpkin patch and Fall store.  We continue to sell all of these items, as available, direct from our family to yours at Vogel Orchard.

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