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Hill Country Partners

We are incredibly lucky to be partnered with so many wonderful businesses located within the Texas Hill Country. Many of them are listed and linked below! 

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The Fredericksburg Farms products you will see at our location are, lotions, hand rubs, dip mixes, bread dippers, beer bread, freshies, BBQ sauce, glazes, and syrups. Every product of theirs we sell is an absolute hit with our customers!

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The Fredericksburg Pecan Company products you will see at our location are roasted and salted pecans, praline pecans, dark chocolate pecans, sugar free chocolate pecans, hot & spicy pecans, chewy praline, Cheyenne halves, pecan brittle, and peanut brittle.

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The New Canaan Farms products you will see at our location are black bean & corn salsa, cilantro salsa, jalapeno jelly, pumpkin butter,  and peach jam. New Canaan also assists us in processing our peaches for Nelda's products. 

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The Kuebel Family Generations products you will see at our location are Goat milk body butter, soaps, butter balms, and chapsticks. If you suffer from dry skin, these all natural, soothing products are definitely a must buy. 

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The Fredericksburg Honey Company products you will see at our location is wild flower raw honey.

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We have been partnered with Cabernet Grill for over ten years. They currently use our peaches to make the “Vogel Orchard Peach Crisp” dessert, and we sell their granola at our market.

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The Fain’s Honey products you will see at our location are small and large pure honey jars. We have sold Fain's products at the market for more than 20 years. 

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The Hill Country Homestyle Canning products you will see at our location are dill pickles, dill okra, and bread & butter pickles. If you are a pickle person, these pickles are definitely for you!

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Dawn embroiders our tea towels and aprons. You can contact her following a purchase and have her personalize any tea towel or apron you buy.

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Dawn makes the peach, tractor, and American flag cookies you will see throughout the summer at the market.

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The Other Mother product you will see at our location is the red wine vinegar that is packaged with the Beladi Tree olive oil.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please fill out the contact box below or call us at 830-644-2404 and ask to speak with Baylie or Natalie. Thank you! 

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