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Current Crop Update 

May 24th, 2022

Current Peach Varieties

Spring Gold

Starlite White (white-fleshed)


Caro Red 

June Gold 

All varieties are a clingstone, so the flesh will cling to the pit. Due to the lack of rain, our peaches are smaller than usual, BUT sweeter! 

Upcoming Varieties

Early Majestic (clingstone)

Ruby Prince (clingstone)

June Prince (clingstone)

Southern Pearl (semi-freestone & white-fleshed)

Crop Outlook 
The 2022 crop will be a little less than a full due to marginal winter chill and drought conditions.  However, there should be plenty of peaches available most all of the season for our retail market.  All of the early varieties, which tend to need less chill hours, have a strong setting.  There will be a few varieties later on in the season that will be light but we will keep you updated throughout.  

Positive and Negative of Severe Drought Conditions
Positive: the flavor for early peaches, which normally tend to have lower sugar content due to Spring rains and cooler temps, is best during a drought.  We have eaten several peaches already and would compare their flavor to later varieties like Harvester or Majestic!
Negative: droughts suppress the size of the peaches, even where we are able to irrigate.  The best irrigation is no substitute for rain!  Therefore, until this drought subsides, expect to see smaller than normal peaches.

Plums and Blackberries

As with peaches, the plums and blackberries will start a couple weeks later than normal.  Both crops look fair but not abundant this season.

New Peach Orchard 

We are so excited to announce we are starting a new chapter at VO with the planting of a brand new orchard. The entire orchard site will be about 35 acres, half of which will be planted this year with 1488 trees. In this first phase, we will plant 620 Loring, 496 Dixiland, 186 Flame Prince and 186 O'Henry trees. This will be the first planting on virgin orchard land by the Vogel family in nearly 50 years. We will post updates as we continue through the process. 

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